Update: December 19, 2013

New policy framework puts Canadian TV First

Sun News Network welcomed today's decision to implement a new policy framework for the distribution of Canadian Category C national news specialty services.

"This was never just about Sun News, it was always about putting Canadian TV First," said Kory Teneycke, Vice President of Sun News. "It is no longer okay to treat foreign news channels better than Canadian ones."

In this decision the CRTC again confirmed the important contribution Canadian news channels make to our democracy, and the obligation under the Broadcasting Act to distribute Canadian news 'on fair and commercially reasonable terms'.

Sun News will move forward in 2014 by negotiating new cable and satellite agreements that are in alignment with the new policy framework to ensure that Sun News is treated in a substantially similar fashion to other all news channels.

For more details and to read Sun News' licence applications, visit www.sunnewsnetwork.ca.


What are we
asking for?

The same treatment that CBC News Network and CTV News Channel had when they started.

Nothing more.

Sun News
has produced
minutes and
seconds of
Canadian content.

What national TV news network provided live coverage of elxn nights in AB, SK, MB, ON, and QC last year? Only @SunNewsNetwork did


8/10 Canadians want fair access to all Canadian news channels


Only 4 in 10 households have access to Sun News. Several cable providers offer foreign all-news channels like Al Jazeera but still don't offer Sun News.

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